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Lil BUB and her dude, Mike Bridavsky, will be presenting "The Story of Lil BUB", an intimate multimedia experience which is both heartwarming and hilarious, complete with rare photos and videos, followed by a Q&A with Mike and BUB herself. That's right, you can ask BUB questions and she will answer them!

Meet & Greet

11:30 AM - $100


Teddy is so excited to come and meet you all in Philadelphia! He loves supporting Catsbury Park and meeting all his friends from the internet in person!

Meet & Greet

2 PM - $60


Hannah Shaw is an award-winning humane educator, kitten rescuer, and unwavering animal advocate who has dedicated her life to finding innovative ways to protect animals. Her project, Kitten Lady, strives to create global change in the way we perceive and treat the tiniest and most vulnerable felines: orphan kittens

Kitten Lady provides educational mediatraining resources, and instructional workshops and consulting services that help individuals and organizations learn how to save the lives of kittens--in a fun and engaging format.

Shaw is the author of the upcoming book Tiny But Mighty, and the upcoming children’s book Kitten Lady’s Big Book of Little Kittens. She has been featured as a guest expert on Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell, and her work has been profiled in People Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and other media outlets around the world

Hannah is also the founder of Orphan Kitten Club, a nonprofit rescue organization that provides services for neonatal kittens in the San Diego area.

An Interview With Kitten Lady, Hannah Shaw Discussing All Things Tiny but Mighty

Come and see Catsbury Park's founder and host of the Catty Corner Podcast DJ interview Hannah Shaw, AKA Kitten Lady, all about her new book TINY BUT MIGHTY. In Tiny but Mighty, Hannah not only outlines the dangers newborn kittens face and how she combats them, but how you can help every step of the way, from fighting feline overpopulation on the streets to fostering unweaned kittens, from combating illness to combating compassion fatigue, from finding a vet to finding the purrfect forever home. Here is your chance to hear Hannah speak about it in person for the first time in Philadelphia!

Meet & Greet

3:30 PM - $45


Our best friend, Klaus is back with his little sister, Juno the blind cat. We’re thrilled that they will be joining us and we have something exciting planned for their first trip to Philadelphia.

Meet & Greet

4 PM - $20




Dr. Lynn Bahr is a 1991 graduate from the University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine.   She credits a special grey and white ball of kitten fluff to lead her down the path of a career in feline medicine and behavior. Helping to strengthen the human-animal bond is her life’s mission and guiding force and  her areas of interest and special care for felines include health and wellness, environmental enrichment, hospice, and ending the practice of declawing.  Dr. Bahr is currently the CEO of Dezi & Roo, a company that designs, manufactures and sells solution-based pet products that enhance the lives of cats their owners. Personally and through her company, she volunteers time and support to animal-related charities and causes.  She serves on the Board of Director of Pandemonium Aviaries, Fear Free Advisory Board, Parliamentarian of the Society of Veterinary Medical Ethics, and is on the Cat Committee of the Pet Professional Guild.  Dr. Bahr was the recipient of the 2018 Pet Age Woman of Influence Award.


The mission of The Feline Fine Project is to create awareness and educate about the importance of annual and bi-annual wellness checks for your cat. Statistics show that for many reasons cats are 50% less likely to be seen annually by a veterinarian than dogs.

Working together we can move the needle, change the statistics and keep our cats healthy. All of our cats should be “Feline Fine”.

The Feline Fine Project is excited to announce we will be joined by The Cat Doc and Desi & Roo founder, Dr. Lynn Bahr. The presentation will cover not only the importance of annual wellness checks, but how to choose the right veterinarian and tips for making the trip to the vet less daunting. The presentation will be followed by Q&A time so have your questions ready!

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Adam Myatt a.k.a. the Cat Man of West Oakland is not your typical crazy cat lady, but he definitely IS a little crazy! Myatt's journey with cats started with a simple photography project featuring his local community cats dubbed, Hoodcats, which lead to getting involved in Oakland's TNR rescue community. Things continued to snowball from there, and in 2014 a partnership with non-profit rescue Cat Town was formed to open the Cat Town Cafe & Adoption Center, the first of it's kind in the USA! Now, Myatt focuses on advocating for TNR, produces educational and entertaining cat-centric content with his company Social Meowdia Productions, and cares for his cat, Blind Bud. Check out all the fun hijinks the Cat Man gets himself into at!


After more than 5 years as the TNR/Community Cat Care/Outreach for Dekalb county in Atlanta, Sterling Davis Started the nonprofit TrapKing Humane Cat Solutions in August of 2018 to make a strong push to get more men and the black community engaged in TNR. Trap Neuter Return is the humane alternative to euthanasia (death) for feral/stray cats and with a different approach his intent is to break stereotypes, kick compassion fatigue in the butt, and let the world know that “you don’t lose cool points for compassion”

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Join the Cat Man, the TrapKing, and some of Philadelphia's finest trappers as they discuss the triumphs and hardships of TNR in Philly and beyond, and learn how to get involved with TNR in your community!


Andrew Marttila is a professional animal photographer best known for his captivating images of felines. He reaches hundreds of thousands of cat lovers through social media where he documents his travels promoting shelters across the country, taking photos for clients, and snuggling his cat, Haroun. Andrew's photography has been featured in Catster, Vanity Fair, Real Simple, and The Guardian, and on CNN and MSNBC, among others. Andrew is the photographer behind Shop Cats of New York and Cats on Catnip. He lives in San Diego, CA.


The Amazing Acro-Cats was founded in 2006 by Samantha Martin and the feline star of the show, Tuna. Samantha quickly realized the benefits of clicker training and wanted to share her experience with the public. She began educating and entertaining cat lovers in Art Galleries and other small venues around Chicago. Over the next few years, Samantha continued to rescue cats and incorporate them into the show, which began touring nationally in almost all 48 states. Today, the Amazing Acro-Cats supports the mission of Rock Cats Rescue by promoting animal welfare, educating audiences on feline foster and rescue, and demonstrating the benefits of clicker training. The show continues to travel across the nation with its talented troupe of rescued house cats, along with foster cats and kittens available for adoption.

Rock Cats Rescue will be providing casual, beginners level clicker training sessions that passersby can observe during the event. Our rescue team, cat care team, and human purrformers will be on hand to answer questions and discuss the benefits of "adopt don’t shop" and how proper cat care, cat enrichment, and cat welfare are vital to the relationship we have with our feline companions.


The mission of The Feline Fine Project is to create awareness and educate about the importance of annual and bi-annual wellness checks for your cat. Statistics show that for many reasons cats are 50% less likely to be seen annually by a veterinarian than dogs.

Working together we can move the needle, change the statistics and keep our cats healthy. All of our cats should be “Feline Fine”.

The Feline Fine Project is excited to announce we will be joined by Cat Behaviorist and Fear Free Trained Veterinary Technician Tabitha Kucera of Chirrups and Chatter. The presentation will cover not only the importance of annual wellness checks, but also low stress handling for the carrier and vet visits.


Tabitha Kucera has been a registered veterinary technician for over seven years and she has worked with a number of local feline rescue organizations. Her work in these fields shed light on repeated occurrences of cat euthanasia and re-homing due to behavioral issues. She quickly became dedicated to learning about the root causes and permanent solutions to feline behavior concerns. Keeping cats in their loving homes is her utmost goal – this reduces euthanasia as well as displacement of cats from their homes, where cats often end up in stressful shelter environments. Helping people better understand and relate to their cat leads to a stronger bond and a more gratifying relationship between cat and human.

She is also passionate about reducing the fear, anxiety, and stress cats and their owners often experience with veterinary visits, handling, travel, and medical procedures. She is Fear Free Level 3 and Low Stress Handling certified. She currently lectures to the general public, shelters, and veterinary professionals about making veterinary visits less stressful for both clients and patients and feline behavior She is fluent on topics such as feline communication, community cats, feline friendly handling, and more.


Lauren DiPaolo is an advocate for special needs cats. She became passionate about cats as a child, but unfortunately her family weren’t “cat people”. At the age 6, with some tears and persuading, she changed her parents views and together they began rescuing cats.

At age 15 she crossed paths with two special needs cats that needed homes. She couldn’t believe how quickly people felt that they had no quality of life or should be euthanized just because of a missing leg, deafness or a heart murmur. So, she adopted both. From that day forward Lauren’s mission to prove that “different” is ok, became top priority.

Lauren has done various TV shows including My Cat From Hell, Hallmark’s Cat Bowl, Good Day New York, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Suze Orman, The Early Show, Fox & Friends, The Weather Channel, Movin’ Up and more.

Lauren and her husband Joe DiPaolo (who was also “not a cat person” when they started dating, is now the ultimate Cat Dad) use their social media account @littleman_mika to help raise awareness and change the views on adopting a less adoptable.

Their current crew includes:

*Little Man with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (#littlerocks)
*Mika with Microphthalmia in both eyes (#theblindbeauty)
*Mac, who was featured on Jackson Galaxy’s Animal Planet segment “My Cat From Heaven”, has Cardiomyopathy, Mega Esophagus, eye herpes, a cleft palette, and half a notril (#macthegremlin)
*Leela with Microphthalmia in one eye (#badassleela)
*YoYo the blind baby with Microphthalmia and Epilepsy (#yoyothemagnificent)
*Selita who is missing her two back legs and most of her tail (#selitatheseal)

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Join Michele Hoffman, the founder of Milo’s Sanctuary, and Mick Szydlowski, owner of Juno & Klaus, as they discuss the ups and downs of sharing their lives with special needs animals.