10:30 AM - The Kitten Lady (Room 2)

Don’t miss out on your chance to say hi and grab a selfie with the soon to be best selling author, orphan kitten rescuer & all round nice gal Hannah The Kitten Lady. Very limited tickets, this will sell out!

Tickets: $50

11:30 AM - Lil Bub Meet & Greet (Room 1)

M&G tickets include:
-A very generous donation to homeless pets (100% of the proceeds)
-Meet Lil BUB
-Pet Lil BUB
-A photo with Lil BUB
-An exclusive, Lil Bub merch gift

LIL BUB Meet & Greet tickets DO NOT INCLUDE a GA Convention ticket or a ticket to the Lil Bub Big Show - those need to be purchased separately.

Tickets: $100

11:30 AM - Stache Meet & Greet (Room 3)

Join Stache for a very rare appearance. Last year his friends Teddy & Dexter's Meet and Greet sold out in record time, so please don't hesitate or you may miss out.

Tickets: $50

12 PM - Klaus Meet & Greet (Room 2)

Proceeds from this meet & greet will go to The Oskar & Klaus Foundation to be used for thier school curriculum project with CASIS (Center for Advancement of Science in Space). They areworking on presenting a curriculum across the country in 2019 to educator with the hopes of encouraging blind and visually impaired kids to pursue science careers.

Tickets: $50

2:30 PM - Sir Thomas Trueheart (Room 2)

100% of all funds raised by Sir Thomas Trueheart's FIRST East Coast Meet and Greet will go to the continued care of the special needs cats rescued by Milo's Sanctuary, Inc & to Catsbury Park to continue their mission of rescue and adoption. Sir Thomas will have an exclusive gift for each ticket buyer.

Tickets: $25

3:00 PM - Lil' Brian (Room 1)

Without Lil' Brian there would be no Catsbury Park, and without Catsbury Park there would be no Lil' Brian. Brian was born on the mean streets of Camden New Jersey along with his two siblings Brianna and Brandon. From there Brian made his way into the home of Catsbury founder DJ as a foster. Days after arriving, at just two weeks old, Brian started to get very ill. Numerous tests were done, but a diagnosis was not found. Eventually, Brian was diagnosed with a congenital abnormality called Megaesophagus. Many doctors had advised DJ that it may not be able to save Brian and that making the tough decision to let him go might be the best option. DJ was not willing to give up on brian and vowed to do whatever it took to give him every chance at a normal life. Through the help of a wonderful medical staff, fundraisers and just seer love and determination Brian outgrew his condition and became the spokes "person" for all that Catsbury Park is today. His likeness appears on Catsbury Park's logo, as well as the logos for the Convention and Catty Corner Podcast. Brian's story is a story of beating all the odds and never giving up. Now Lil' Brian (who is now 14lbs and not so little!) is a healthy, sweet and loving 2-year-old boy.